All photography provided by Andrew Smith

The Association of Clinical Oral Microbiologists (ACOM) exists to promote the clinical practice of diagnostic microbiology, infection prevention and antimicrobial stewardship. Our members are clinically qualified and work in clinical practice and academia. We focus on oral and maxillo-facial infections together with infection prevention in dental practice.


Our Mission

Promote good clinical practice by facilitating diagnostic oral microbiology. Provide an evidence base for infection prevention and control. Help reduce unnecessary antibiotic prescribing in dental practice.

ACOM members daily help clinicians and patients overcome oral infections. They inspire everyone to achieve better care of oral infections.
— Andrew Smith, ACOM, Chair

What We've Achieved

  • Contributions to National Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures for Diagnostic Microbiology .
  • Editing of National Prescribing Guidelines.
  • Authoring infection prevention and control guidelines.
  • Reducing the risk of iatrogenic CJD
  • Improving the diagnosis and management of oral fungal infections
  • Clinical leadership in antimicrobial stewardship to reduce inappropriate prescribing for dental infections.
  • Leading outbreak investigations.
  • Authoring innovative teaching and training programmes in clinical microbiology